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Click here to see my latest article on Worldwide Hippies – Citizen Journalist Exchange – CJE; Idiocy: As American as Baseball and Mom’s Homemade Apple Pie

Mindfulness Walks

Click here for my most recent article on Worldwide Hippies – Citizen Journalist Exchange – CJE

Idiocy: As American as Baseball and Mom’s Homemade Apple Pie

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raccoons| in Alameda|

Breaking News|  …  Citizen Journalist|

The Aftermath of Waking Up To Soon!

Breaking News!

This now in …

Raccoons| return| to Alameda|

after two years

You’ll recall two years ago raccoons were

Wreaking  havoc on the local dog park|

and the citizens of Alameda

A woman was attacked while walking her dog; and

others were chased by raccoons

the citizens of Alameda were up in arms; after extensive

media coverage

the aggressive black masked bandits

mysteriously disappeared

This morning a raccoon|

was spotted by two children on their

way to school

the names of these children

will not be disclosed

from now on both children will

be known as Child 1 and Child 2

Child 1 reported

While waiting for the bus he spotted

the clamoring marauder

running up the sidewalk

About 20 feet away

Child No. 1 then spotted Child No. 2

Standing on the sidewalk looking towards

The raccoon seemingly stunned

Standing in the path of the raccoon

The first child motioned in a circular motion

To the second child to run across the street with him

The raccoon stopped for a moment

As if understanding the signal to run; and

at first the boys thought

a chase ensued; but

After safely making it across the street

They watched the rogue

time-impaired raccoon

Leave the scene

Who’s to blame

This roving reporter

Thinks the sanitation department ‘s

New schedule for noisy garbage pick-up in the  dark

Might have caused the mix-up of the raccoon’s

inner clock; that and the smell of ripe garbage

There may be more on this story later …

Cindi Silva


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Mindfulness Walks

Thanks to my good friend and publisher Joe McEvoy for his support, allowing me freedom to explore endless opportunities and always having faith in me; and to my good friend and talented poet Kathy Figueroa  for sharing her work with us …

Click here to see the Worldwide Hippies| Sunday| Virtual Cafe| Guest Poet| Kathy Figueroa| hosted by Cindi Silva|

Help get the word out; please share on facebook, twitter, blogs, Pininterest … Peace – Cindi Silva

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Mindfulness Walks

Welcome to the Mindfulness Walks Virtual Café. I’m Cindi Silva, I’ll be your host.  Find a comfy chair, grab a cup of green tea or your favorite beverage, and relax to a free poetry reading. You are always welcome to visit. Please share this link with your family and friends and on facebook, twitter, Pininterest and Youtube. Peace …


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Occupy Humanity Poetry

From Cancer Poetry – Available on Kindle

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Check out the blog of my talented and altruistic friend Lorraine Currelly

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Poets Network & Exchange, Inc.

photo (3)

Lorraine Currelley, poet, writer, nurturer and founder of Poets Network & Exchange[/caption]If you enjoy poetry and all things literary then On-Line Classic Open Mic Poetry hosted by Poet Andrew Scott is the radio program for you. Tonight January 25, 2013 I was a guest along with a mosaic of  talented poets, writers and lovers of the written word. I read from Janet Stickmon’s book “Midnight Peaches, Two O’clock Patience” and “Full Breasted Women” a poem written by yours truly. This was a lovely end to a wonderful week of readings and sharing poetry.

Some of these readings included,  Spoken Word, at the New York Public Library‘s Soundview Branch, Open Expression in Harlem, hosted by CeCe Falls and Women Writer’s in Bloom Poetry Salon. At Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon I had the joy of participating with a group of talented women in an extraordinary workshop facilitated by Poet Kanika A…

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