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Virtual Café| poetry readings| by Cindi Silva|

Welcome to the Virtual Cafe of Cindi Silva Poetry and Prose. Find a comfy chair, grab a cup of green tea or your favorite beverage, and relax to a free poetry reading. You are always welcome to visit. Please share this link with your family and friends and on facebook, twitter, Pininterest and Youtube. Peace …


Follow the moon


Food Stamp Challenge  – To Mayor, Corey Booker

Occupy Humanity Poetry

From Cancer Poetry – Available on Kindle

Occupy Humanity Poetry – Red Trees and Mindfulness

Occupy Humanity Poetry – Nike Elite Socks

Occupy Humanity Poetry – Christmas Collection



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Worldwide Hippies| Sunday| Virtual Cafe| Guest Poet| Kathy Figueroa| hosted by Cindi Silva|

Thanks to my good friend and publisher Joe McEvoy for his support, allowing me freedom to explore endless opportunities and always having faith in me; and to my good friend and talented poet Kathy Figueroa  for sharing her work with us …

Click here to see the Worldwide Hippies| Sunday| Virtual Cafe| Guest Poet| Kathy Figueroa| hosted by Cindi Silva|

Help get the word out; please share on facebook, twitter, blogs, Pininterest … Peace – Cindi Silva

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