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A poet friend of mine liked this poem and posted it to his fb wall. Hope you will too. Peace!


When I want to escape
you always take me there
I can be anywhere else
that I’d rather be
I can soar like a majestic bird
return to my favorite tree
and warble songs of my adventures
past, present and future
play out things
I would never want to try
rewrite experiences I’d rather change
predict outcomings that never were
but one day I might like to see
return like a soldier returning from battle
or imagine I’m a southern belle
on a hot summer’s evening
sipping a mint julep on my veranda
without a care in the world
I can live anywhere in the universe
why limit it to the world
I can be stronger, braver,
wiser, younger, older,
the voice of the people
the voice of the disadvantaged
the hungry, the homeless, the poor
the weak, the meek
whoever I choose
at a flick of my pen
and at a whim
A friend, lover, or muse
a rocket traveling through space
a time traveler rewriting history
step in and out of time
and best of all
take you there with me
with my poetic tools
made of spilled blood
heart, soul and my imagination

July 15, 2012

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Wine Country| Sonoma County|

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Wine Country| Sonoma County|

by Cindi Silva|

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