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Dear Abby| A Poem

Dear Abby,

I’m in the third grade

My Mom says I need to wear a bra

I don’t want to grow up yet

I love to play outside

Sometimes my hair is brown;

sometimes it looks more blonde

My brother  puts an orange wedge in his mouth

laughs at me and says it’s me smiling

He tells me I run like a girl

I’ve worn glasses since I was two

I want to be a concert pianist

But I don’t have a piano

Maybe I’ll be a writer instead

I hope when I grow up I won’t be so shy

Awkward in California
Dear Awkward,

It sounds like you run like a girl

Because you are a girl;

You must have a beautiful smile;

That lights up your face;

Women pay big money to have

Their hair kissed by the sun

When you are older try wearing contacts

Maybe you can find a piano to borrow to

See if you like playing

You never know one day you may be

a writer

RIP – Dear Abby 1/17/13



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identity theft|

Identity Theft|
What if you lost everything?
Your long standing career
Your health (twice)
Your safety
Your marriage
Your house
Your car
Your savings
Your 401 K account
Would you find out
None of those things were you?

I have experienced all these things over the last 5 or 6 years and it takes time to adjust to major changes in life especially when they impact your livelihood, affording the necessities of daily living, and healing from major surgery while trying to recover and navigate through these types of challenges is never easy.

I still think in being human there are disappointments when you face major life changing experiences like I outlined … unless of course you’re a buddhist monk living in a monastery, or some other spiritual being, of course there are exceptions to this and every rule.

The point I was trying to make here is with more opportunities to practice shifting perspective and letting go you become better at riding the waves of impermanence and realize you are not identified by the things I’ve listed in this poem.

To sum it up: As long as you’re breathing that’s all that really matters; and you always have a home as long as you can connect with your inner strength and find joy admist the suffering … of course you still need at least a minimalist’s approach to the necessities of daily living.  Much love, Cindi



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that’s not what I wanted| a poem|

  1. That’s not what I wanted
  2. as if only she could pick and choose
  3. what came next in her life
  4. like sending back a plate of undesirable
  5. food
  6. a meal which she hadn’t ordered
  7. or maybe she had but it just wasn’t like
  8. what it looked like on the menu
  9. and maybe she could try again
  10. and order something differentl
  11. which she might enjoy instead; or
  12. like a pair of shoes that at first
  13. felt comfortable when trying on
  14. but after wearing
  15. for an hour or so
  16. after leaving the store
  17. you realized they really weren’t
  18. what you wanted after all
  19. and maybe you could exchange them
  20. for a more comfortable pair
  21. or a style more convenient
  22. that would serve you better
  23.  doesn’t that happen to you
  24. sometimes
  25. I know it happens to me
  26. Life isn’t that way though
  27. Is it
  28. You get what you get
  29. And you don’t have a fit
  30. As my son’s kindergarten teacher
  31. Aptly put
  32. Life is always filled with surprises
  33. she smiled and knew it may take awhile
  34. before it got better
  35. for now it wasn’t what she wanted
  36. but she would somehow continue to make things work
  37. after all things could always be better
  38. but then again things could always be much worse

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freedom settlement|

Dedicated to everyone whoever went through or is going through a difficult separation . . .


Does it even matter
what was lost

Does it even matter
what went wrong

Does it even matter
I don’t care anymore

Does it even matter
I’m not the same anymore

I am stronger
I stand taller
I understand what’s important

What have you learned
Let me go

Take my advice
Don’t be greedy
You have more to lose than I do
I’ve already lost material wealth

Thank you for all you taught me
I learned more from you the last four years
than I did while we were together

I am stronger
I am happier
I found peace

Sometimes freedom comes
at a high price
Sometimes you realize you
had it all along

You can’t ruin somebody’s life
unless they let you
why haven’t you figured that out

I probably should but I don’t hate you
In this settlement I received freedom
Share our toys and just play fair
Time to let it go

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Elvis| Has Left The Building|

Elvis Has Left The Building

What we’ve been dreading has finally happened
In my mind’s eye the headlines read

The powerful earthquake we’ve been dreading has hit
the San Andreas fault is shaking uncontrollably

In its aftermath the island of Alameda
will soon be under water for good

Once the Coney Island of the west coast
very propsperous, filled with bright smiles
Now sinking to a new low

Remaining residents are scrambling to safety
the Coast Guard warned

There is nothing worth salvaging
Save your life, get out while you can

Money no longer counts
when it’s come down to this

Elvis has left the building
for the last time




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