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Living on a Bed of Nails – A Poem



No one wants to suffer

It’s cruel to keep turning

the bed of nails one half turn

It’s difficult to bear continuous suffering

Stop the torture

Before it’s too late


The indomitable spirit can and will break

What doesn’t kill you makes you weaker

Stretched too thin

Worn out


Cindi Silva


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When will it be my time

The child asked his mother

You will know, the mother replied

How will I know

Asked the child

You will just know

The perplexed child thought for awhile

Mama, will it be when pigs can fly?

The mother smiled at her child but didn’t speak

Mama, will it be when the cows come home

The mother smiled again looking at her son,

this time her smile broader

Mama, will it be when I grow up

The mother hugged her child; and

Gave him a kiss goodnight




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identity theft|

Identity Theft|
What if you lost everything?
Your long standing career
Your health (twice)
Your safety
Your marriage
Your house
Your car
Your savings
Your 401 K account
Would you find out
None of those things were you?

I have experienced all these things over the last 5 or 6 years and it takes time to adjust to major changes in life especially when they impact your livelihood, affording the necessities of daily living, and healing from major surgery while trying to recover and navigate through these types of challenges is never easy.

I still think in being human there are disappointments when you face major life changing experiences like I outlined … unless of course you’re a buddhist monk living in a monastery, or some other spiritual being, of course there are exceptions to this and every rule.

The point I was trying to make here is with more opportunities to practice shifting perspective and letting go you become better at riding the waves of impermanence and realize you are not identified by the things I’ve listed in this poem.

To sum it up: As long as you’re breathing that’s all that really matters; and you always have a home as long as you can connect with your inner strength and find joy admist the suffering … of course you still need at least a minimalist’s approach to the necessities of daily living.  Much love, Cindi



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my picture_alameda skating rink_1_13_13The microclimate| continues in San Francisco
and the surrounding Bay Area
30’s or below in the morning
warming up to the 40’s in the afternoon
Unseasonably, unreasonably cold for this part of the country
The sleepy town of Alameda I love to visit
is keeping their holiday ice skating rink open longer this year
I stopped by a sporting goods store in a local mall
A woman was standing by the only dressing room
holding a pair of thermal underwear
She was standing so closely to my face
I knew she wasn’t from California
She started to rip open the tightly sealed
packages using her teeth
She asked me did I see anyone go inside
I saw someone walk in with several pairs of baseball pants
I answered; they also have a restroom here
There was a sense of urgency in her voice
as she motioned to the packages bitten and ripped open
She left maybe 3 inches space between our faces when she spoke
A telltale sign she wasn’t from California
she couldn’t leave the store before putting them on
with a look of desparation in her eyes
Was it from the cold or something else
Again, I told her they had a restroom
She quickly left; I heard her announce loudly;
There is no one back there I need to change now
She brought with her a microclimate of her own to the store

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Seated a table away

to my left

I heard the boy about 6 or 7

ask how much the snack was

The father answered almost $19

The innocent boy quickly answered

that’s not much

I looked up from the table

enjoying a modest snack with my son;

and sipping a free cup of water

and smiled

the boy’s father smiled back at me

Explaining $20 is a lot of money

Depending on how much money you make an hour

I guess that was for my ears

The boy asked his dad

How long would it take for you to make $20

The father answered his son about 10 minutes

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Why are some people so mean

Are they in pain

Are they ignorant of love

Why do some people purposely cause others to suffer

Does it help them ease their own suffering

Why must they punish themselves

Why can’t they forgive and love



Cindi Silva




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judgment day|

Your Honor, do you feel honored

Sitting behind that bench

Do you feel almighty & powerful; or

Do you tire of ruling to the letter of the law

Each day is judgment day

Our lives are in your hands

I am a humble man

Living a creed of non-harming whenever I can

Trying to not judge my fellow man

Although mostly I am still unable to

To judge or be non-judgmental

that is the question

Is it an honor to be a judge

or is it a sentence

Alas, I feel for me

it would be a sentence

Cindi Silva


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