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free apps to read kindle books|

Cancer Poetry| and Cancer Poetry II| – If you know a warrior battling cancer gift them a copy of my cancer poetry| books now available on Kindle. Don’t have a Kindle google “free apps to read kindle books.” You may want to pick up a copy for yourself to help understand what the experience is really like.  Here’s what people are saying about my books.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Powerful, Tender, Frightening and Transcendent Read September 24, 2012

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Cancer Poetry is an intimate experience of the disease, and the fear of a body turned traitor against itself as well as the duties and struggles of a woman fighting to care for and protect her family and to stay alive. In 150 plus pages there is rawness, and anger, and fear in a constant battle with hope and love of family and life. If you have a friend or family member who has cancer, there may be a boundary, a line beyond which they will not share. This is a work peopled with intimate thoughts and sensations that no one of my acquaintance has ever shared with me. Yet Cancer Poetry can be so honest that it is obvious to me that these loved ones must have kept similar truths deep within themselves. This collection is an extraordinary work and a gift to the world.

By eaglet

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Great work from a very GREAT woman! Inspiring, reflective and hopeful. Recommend for all if you’ve had cancer or only fear it via “our annual exams”.


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places to donate a car|

If you donate a car to and say I was the user that referred you I get 2,000 points and you get an end of the year tax write off!

If you don’t have a car to donate; please log in and vote to help me win a car. If you register/create an account and vote for me and say I referred you you get an additional 10 points. Keep voting every day and you can transfer points to me and help

me win a car when a car comes up in my area. If you vote for others as well when a car is donated in their area you can also help them win a car. As you vote for others you win points. It’s a really amazing thing to do. I would really appreciate your help!! It would make a significant difference in my life to have a car.You can vote every day and transfer votes to me … don’t forget to vote for other folks … it feels good to help others and help others win cars … as donations of cars become donated to different areas they are distributed to the people who need help. Vote for everyone who could use help. You are also awarded with more votes to transfer to me or someone else if you think they need it more.

Speaking of voting … to those that have asked … after you register first, if I remember right there is a red bar that says “Vote For Me” and after I click on it takes a little while for the vote to process. Once it has the message changes and it tells you your vote was made.

Again, thank you very much to all of you who have registered and are voting for myself and others so that we may be able to get a donated car as they become available. Also thank you for transferring your votes to me as you accumulate them.

Thanks! Much Love, Cindi

If you have a car to donate …
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A Christmas Carol|

Outside the Curran Theater on Christmas Eve

Yesterday after just watching a spectacular performance of A Christmas Carol at a beautifully preserved ornate art deco theater in San Francisco, Sam Graumann’s gift to the world, my family and I started the very cold walk up a hill back to

our car. We were discussing how amazing the performance was and what we liked about it. I was mostly listening. I thought I saw this as a chance to use this as a teaching lesson (the kind that your oldest child says, “Oh, MOM!)

My oldest child said — “Mom, did you see that!!” My youngest child said everything with his astonished yet beautiful smile.

Up ahead of us A Woman approaching two homeless men standing on the street on this very cold (for San Francisco) day took off her sweater and handed it to one of the men saying, “Merry Christmas.” The astonished man replied, “Thank you. This is a real Christmas present.” The woman now walking away, looked back and said to him, “Merry Christmas!”

We had all just witnessed the true meaning of Christmas, love and giving in the form of a random act of kindness.

I think Charles Dickens would have liked it!

by Cindi Silva
December 25, 2011

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christmas poetry|

Consumerism or Christmas

One day each year to celebrate humanity
is not nearly enough

One day a year to visit with friends and family
is not nearly enough

Give to give; not to get
Often it is better to give than to receive

The best gifts aren’t material
Although they may bring fleeting happinessHelp others less fortunate than you
So many of our brothers and sisters are living on the streets

Kindness and acts of altruism throughout the year
Are long lasting and are the true meaning of Christmas


Cindi Silva

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best cancer poetry|

For Cancer Poetry IV …

The Genetics Trumps All Card

when doctors, specialists
review your case and keep telling you
hmmm that’s interesting

what do you do?

when oncologists
laugh and say it’s never good
when a doctor tells you
hmmm that’s interesting

what do you do?

when you keep getting
sent to more genetic testing
and even more genetic counselors
to find the answers to
hmmm that’s interesting

what do you do?

when you like to play cards
and you keep hearing the words
genetics trumps all

what do you do?

I can’t tell you what you should do
but I can tell my plan
get more sleep if you’re sleep deprived
boost your immune system
alkaline as much as possible
juice those raw fruits and vegetables
go for 3 hours of brisk walks a week
more if you’d like to but they don’t improve survival
the past is the past let it go
keep doing the post surgery exercises no matter
how much pain your still in

laugh as much as you can
whenever things don’t go your way laugh harder still
really listen when someone talks to you about
whatever it is that’s important to them
and to the trivial stuff as well

spend time enjoying as much of each day
as possible; no matter how many hmmm
that’s interesting you hear
factor into the genetic studies a
person that practices joy; and if you
like to play cards and win; even if
they find the genetics card
don’t dwell on it

make each day count
look for the beauty it real does surround you
help people whenever you can
no matter how hard someone else
tries to make your day shake it off;
be creative and surround yourself with
people you love; let the ones that drag you down
find someone else to drain

Differentiate between problems that you
can solve; and circumstances beyond
your control; when someone you know
intentionally tries to hurt you like a vindictive ex
tries to leaves you in poverty; don’t walk away from
your share; still fight through a set of attorneys
until you get what you need; if you don’t have the
money to pay the rent keep looking for help and keep the
lines of communication open; learn how to survive
in povertry and turn what you’ve learned
into helping others; keep laughing; keep living

even if genetic trumps all is in your cards
new research happen all the time
new discoveries are made all the time
so just don’t dwell on the negative
what you have no control over
Keep creating Joy and looking for the beauty
in each moment as it unfolds
no need to dwell on anything really
as life is impermanent; keep living; just do it

these three things are most important to remember
1) Joy; create it; and spread it around
2) Never give up; and
3) As long as you’re breathing that’s all that really

Note to the reader: Can this be done easily. Seldom the most important things in life can be done easily. But for me I’m making it my practice whether or not I have the genetic card; I have the family history card … always in my hand … not dwelling on that one either. It’s like playing Old Maid only I don’t want to give itaway. Just enjoy the laughter and keep playing.

Cindi Silva

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Cory Booker| twitter| food stamp challenge|

The Mayor of Newark, New Jersey

Cory Booker

has made his challenge

with an unidentified follower on twitter

to live on food stamps for one week

the $29.78 that recipients of food stamps

spend on food for one week

That’s a nobel endeavor but …


The mayor has vowed to live on

beans, corn and apples for the next week

Great photo opp

I don’t know about you

but I would like to see him extend the challenge

to all politicians, including the president and his cabinet

both houses; all local politicians; the voters who lack

empathy for social services and anyone else who thinks

anyone on a low fixed income can survive

and eat healthy on such a scant food budget

for a year or whatever it takes to raise the allotment

to our brothers and sisters struggling to feed themselves

and their famiiies on a few dollars a day


Yes there is definitely an obesity problem in our nation,  Mrs. Obama

but there is also more than meets the eye to the problem

you can’t afford a nutritious diet of whole foods

for you and your family when there isn’t much of a choice

on how you can s-t-r-e-t-c-h a food budget

and keep your family full

Beans, corn and apples every day for more than a week

would be a difficult diet to stick to especially if you have

diet restrictions


While you’re at it Mayor Booker I think the whole food stamp system

should be revisited and not just in New Jersey but

what it takes to qualify and who can qualify

Some of us make too much money to qualify for the program

although are very low income and can barely survive

because our rent  is about 3/4 of our monthly income

I’m now talking about our brothers and sisters renting in California

and we don’t have the necessary credits to reduce our income and qualify us

for the food stamp program

and by that I mean monthly utility bills; water; garbage; and landlines

How many people do you know on a very fixed income that still can

afford landlines


Thanks Mayor Booker for raising awareness

now let’s keep going and see substantive change



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