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my island| my love|

Calm warm rainbow-blue colored water

I want to indulge myself in all YOUR splendor
I admire your strength
As I stand alone along the shore
Like a lover
Longing for unrequited love
Seriously contemplating
Am I really an island unto myself
Squishy sand between my wriggling toes
I dig my heels and feel myself sink in
I feel your release
as you pull away from me
I wonder are you really teasing me
My knees begin to feel a little weak
I can feel the sun’s power beat down upon me
Needing you more now I feel myself drawn in
You and I are now one
How long will this last — does it ever really matter
Watching your waves come towards me
I ride you whenever I can
You are my Island of pleasure
My focus now is completely on YOU
I’m not sure if anyone else is around me
I can hear nothing but you
I stand there enthusiastically drinking you all in
I feel myself surrendering to your power
You feel so good
Against me
Wanting to take it further
Shall I swim deep into your cool water
I hold myself back
Knowing I might drown
Like a siren you call out to me
As I return and wait patiently on the beach
Still remembering how good you felt
Splashing and thrusting emphatically on my hot naked skin
Your sun now penetrates me so deeply
The warm breeze euphoria against my skin
Crashing waves along the shoreline
Taunting me as you try to lure me back in
Seagulls cry out to me
Asking “What are you waiting for?”
Wearing nothing but slathered  on sunscreen
As I lay atop my beach towel
I close my eyes and celebrate my own power
Like you, my strength surpasses me
You awake such passion within me
You are my Island, my Love
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A’s Sweep Yankees|

Moneyball baby


Let’s go Oakland

Cheering from the packed stands
the only time it’s been this crowded
since the bay bridge series
the banjo man attending every game
of course was here, entertaining the stadium
I saw two tried and true Oakland fans
bring their brooms with them
ready for the sweep
the AC Transit driver on the way to the stadium
excited to see our A’s shirts and caps
greeted us with
let’s hope they sweep
I wonder if he was still driving when he heard the news

Let’s go Oakland

Brandon Inge didn’t disappoint
with one dinger
Kurt Suzuki
gets his first home run of the season
endless possibilities

Let’s go Oakland

will the A’s sweep the Yankees
inning after inning
we sit at the edge of our seats

Let’s go Oakland

Seth Smith tying homer in the 9th
Coco Crisp singled home
the walk off run in the 12th inning
as Derek Norris crosses the plate
the stadium went wild
the fans started screaming
jumping, hugging, kissing
just like the New Year’s ball dropping
at Time Square

Oakland has swept the Yankees
Coco Crisp in an after game interview
said, The music after the game
the pie in the face versus the shaving cream
It’s always a better feeling to win than to lose
I guess that’s the thing that I
like the most right now
the poet likes this was the first time
in Oakland franchise history
the A’s have swept the Yankees at home
The last four game sweep of the Yankees
was in New York in 1972
the A’s have hit 52 dingers in 34 games since June 12
third most in the majors behind the Yankees (57)
and Pirates (56)

It doesn’t get better than this
Moneyball baby!

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He hit the ball
A little to hard
he tried to catch it from
The fans leaned forward in
The stands
With baited breath
They waited
he didn’t let them down
He caught the ball and
Showed his glove
The out that ended the game





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Of Hummingbirds| and White Butterflies|

Of Hummingbirds And White Butterflies

While walking down the street today
a white butterfly joined my side
we were joined in synchronicity
while overhead a hummingbird was
moving so fast
it looked almost stationary
except for its beating wings
as if it should have fallen from the sky
beauty surrounds us
at all times
our minds paint pictures
with our thoughts
material possessions have little value
yet the more we have
the more we think we need
walk in mindfulness with me




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I saw in Alameda

a lavender bush growing

all alone it stood there

resolute and revealing joy

It captured all my senses

My sight stunned by its simple beauty

My heart filling with great joy in its elegance

It brought me much pleasure in its purpose

I stopped walking for a moment

bent down and picked a stalk

I rubbed its oil between my fingers

and dabbed it on my wrists and neck

oh to bring such unintentional joy

to everyone we meet

would be a day of great meaning

and a life well spent

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library of thoughts| a poem|

Library Of Thoughts

my mind is a library

filled with bookscarefully catalogued

and organized by me

at times they appear randomly

a combination of sounds,images and scents

available to me

whenever I summons them

my wish is their command

an unspoken genie awaits

ready to grant me all my wishes


the sound of running water . . .

drawing a bath with foamy bubbles exploding

the scent of intoxicating Mr. Bubbles or Avon bubble bath

reminiscent of my childhood

steam gently coats the mirror and bathroom walls

I wrap a warm fluffy towel around me


I can hear a waterfall

as I hike along a desolate trail

on a hot summer’s day

beads of sweat glistening on my skin

as I look for a place to skinny dip

and when I find it’s icy cold water

I disrobe and jump in


water hurriedly boiling in a Cuisanart pot on my stove

I smell the tempting butternut squash ravioli cooking

as I patiently wait

my children asking me when will dinner be ready


the sound of angry rain tapping against the window

as I reach for the soft comfy blanket – pulled up

and tucked under my sleepy chin

I feel fortunate and safe in the comfort of my own home


and always the roar of waves crashing against the shore

sometimes the day is sunny

more often than not it’s foggy

I adore the smell of the ocean mist

and the cold sea breeze teasing my skin


I’m barefoot as a child running through sprinklers

the scent of the freshly cut grass encompasses me


running water from the hose my hand holds

I smile as I watch the ground fill in puddles

surrounding the thirsty flowers in bloom

some of my favorites

sterling silver roses, fuscias hanging from plant holders

bushy lilacs, blue irises, cosmos, Johnny Jump-ups

sweet peas, lillies of the valley

variety of brightly colored pansies lined in a row

bougainvilleas climbing up the front of my home

but stopping before the roof

pink, yellow, white daisies and snapdragons

lavender and rosemary fills the air

and golden California poppies everywhere

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cotton candy|

cotton candy|

At tonight’s game

I saw him again

The cotton candy man

working the plaza level stands

barking out Cotton Candy

walking up and down

the aisles

looking for children

eager to

taste the air fluffed


whipped around and around

and eventually

covering a white paper cone

with pink


blue and purple

cotton candy

I asked the little girl

next to me

probably not older than 5 or 6

which color she liked best

right before she stuffed a squished

clump of any dentist’s delight

into her mouth

waiting for the sweet taste

of what looks like a

wisp of a colored candy cloud

melt on her tongue

she answered blue

with a smile

and licked her sticky fingers clean

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