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Waxing Crescent Moon|

The waxing crescent moon

showing its shadowed outline

as the sunset appeared

the light blue mixed with a touch of royal blue

starts it’s journey fading to black

slowly; labored

one step at a time

Sky turns a medium shade of blue

the moon begins to shine brightly

a pirate’s smile of a moon

right upturned

above the bay


orange; pink; purple hues

intensify in color

Our journey back home begins

What started out as a casual stroll

becomes a brisk winter’s walk back home

Follow the breath becomes visible

instead of a meditative practice

my breath tries to push itself

outwardly to touch my nose

a self-imposed heater of sorts

thawing out the frost turned icicles

my mind’s eye has placed on my face

I hear the train off in the distance

Only heard on cold clear winter nights like this

I move as quickly as I can towards

the steaming hot cup of green tea

I know will be waiting for me

back home

Cindi Silva –  1/13/13

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phases of the moon|

Phases Of The Moon

every dusk
every dawn
every night
every day
every cloud passing by
every butterfly-ing my way
every storm
and in between
every laugh
every song
every mountain
every valley
every twist
every turn
every corner I near
and around every bend
I see endless possibilities coming my way . . . ♥

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