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Best Cancer Poetry Books Amazon|

Where to find my Cancer Poetry books series … Cancer Poetry III will be available soon. I am humbled by the excellent reviews I have received.

Cancer Poetry| and Cancer Poetry II| – If you know a warrior battling cancer gift them a copy of my cancer poetry| books now available on Kindle. Don’t have a Kindle google “free apps to read kindle books.” You may want to pick up a copy for yourself to help understand what the experience is really like.  Here’s what people are saying about my books.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Powerful, Tender, Frightening and Transcendent Read September 24, 2012

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Cancer Poetry is an intimate experience of the disease, and the fear of a body turned traitor against itself as well as the duties and struggles of a woman fighting to care for and protect her family and to stay alive. In 150 plus pages there is rawness, and anger, and fear in a constant battle with hope and love of family and life. If you have a friend or family member who has cancer, there may be a boundary, a line beyond which they will not share. This is a work peopled with intimate thoughts and sensations that no one of my acquaintance has ever shared with me. Yet Cancer Poetry can be so honest that it is obvious to me that these loved ones must have kept similar truths deep within themselves. This collection is an extraordinary work and a gift to the world.

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Great work from a very GREAT woman! Inspiring, reflective and hopeful. Recommend for all if you’ve had cancer or only fear it via “our annual exams”.

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Amazon| hot new releases| cancer poetry|

This is my second cancer experience. A new and completely different cancer which causes my doctors to say “interesting” and makes me a candidate for much genetic testing and research taking place in Seattle examining a panel of 40 different genes. As I learn more about cancer everyday, I am grateful to be able to share it worldwide through my books.

there are free apps available to read these books if you don’t own a Kindle.
To generate Awareness, and teach what I learn as the info becomes available to me I have written Cancer Poetry and Cancer Poetry II; I’m now working on my third book Cancer Poetry III.
If you have been diagnosed with cancer or love someone who has I share with you my most intimate details of my experience with cancer. My hope is to raise awareness by demystifying cancer. What you understand is less scary. I hope to open the lines of communication between your medical team; give you information to be able to ask questions of your medical team; communicate with family and friends.
These books are also great for the family and friends of someone going through cancer right now.
I give you open, raw detail of what it feels like to go through the experiences; the procedures; as well as what cancer research has discovered about cancer.
I hope my Cancer Poetry series will do all this and help you feel not alone. If you are interested in reading one of my cancer books and can’t afford it  I often post cancer poetry on my facebook page  :
I hope the honesty I share in my books will help to demystify cancer; encourage you to become an advocate for your own health; and open the lines of communication. It’s important to discuss your experience with your family and friends they have no idea what it’s like to go through cancer.  I’m not saying I know what it’s like for you but I do know what it’s like for me and it’s tough every day.I wish you good heallth. Much Love, Cindi
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