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Mindfulness Walks| The Market|

The market down the street from us

Has seen 4 owners; since I first became aware of it

Nearly 20 years ago

The most recent owners were seldom there

It was a family owned business I was told

They appeared from out of nowhere and

Disappeared in the same way

The staff always courteous; friendly; kind

When the most recent change of ownership took place

About 4 years ago right about the time my marriage ended

And we moved down the street

Wait – the owners before the current owners were still there

The shelves were stocked; reasonably fresh produce;

The freezers didn’t leak gallons of water on the linoleum

And the pasty looking guy that always wore Giants t’s still worked there;

But I digress …

I noticed the business hours were changed effective January 2, 2013

First hint of something was happening although I really

Didn’t pay much attention then

The guy with the bald head somewhere in his twenties

With the tat sleeve on his right arm hadn’t been there for a while

He was my favorite clerk

The guy he replaced, Wally, a member of the family, had started

A pizza restaurant somewhere else in San Francisco

A week later when we were walking by

The wallpaper-sized ad inside the wall-sized window

Was gone; and I noticed a sign “everything 20% off”

First sale I’d ever seen in 20 years

Curiosity made me go inside

The most recent new hire wasn’t smiling

He didn’t seem like his typical self

He was being watched by a man seated in a chair by the

Front door

Resembling the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

In both appearance and intelligence

Very nosy and wearing a black jacket

One large word across the front – SECURITY

I asked the clerk I had come to know

What’s going on?  Who’s that guy?

Referring to the guy wearing the black “Security” jacket

I’ve never ever seen a security guard looking like he did

“He’s from the bank,” my store friend answered

“What do you mean?”

I heard myself ask

The answer was very brief

“I hope when the new owners come I can keep my job.”

I walked outside and a white guy with an odd hat

Followed me out and tried to seem nonchalant

As he asked me questions about the market

More like, how did I feel about the market

Did I go there often things of that nature

After a while of my barely answering his questions White

Hat guy seemed oddly interested in how much liquor the store sold

(was it lacking a liquor license and shut down I wondered)

Also odd the fact he continued to walk down the street with me

as if we were together; or old friends

When he could tell I didn’t know anything

He turned around and headed back towards the store

Today I went back in and asked Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Still seated next to the front door

What was going on; I didn’t expect him to answer

He answered in such a strange way he led me to believe

The owners were more than just filing bankruptcy

It was an unusual situation

Not sure what that meant

They had 6 businesses; they “sunk” four of them

They weren’t going to be back

(Deported I wondered)

There are so many illegal aliens here now

The angry Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ranted

Taking our jobs away from us

Still I listened

Obama’s making thing worse

(of course, Stay Puft would feel that way

At first I thought  he worked for the bank – maybe an auditor and not a

Security guard; then I realized maybe he was working for someone else

and hoping someone would be returning; highly unlikely)

When I couldn’t stand the hatred in his voice any longer

I left … Hmmm, not sure I’ll ever find out what really happened

Pretty sure I won’t be seeing the owners again; or

Anyone that once worked at the store

that didn’t speak English as their first language

Cindi Silva


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Phantom Lovers| Tales in Modern Times|

Phantom Lovers| – Tales in Modern Times|

Close my eyes

Feel the pillows surround my body

Imagination always brings you to me

As I drift gently off to sleep

I imagine the feel of your strong arms around me

Soft gentle kisses reassuring me that tomorrow will come

I reach over and touch you; feel you harden at my touch

The sparkle in my eyes tells you I’m not ready for sleep

Unless you are; my hands feeling my body for now are yours

Delightful climax brings me to slumber; and

Dream of the day I will meet my nighttime phantom lover

Cindi Silva


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dating tips|

Dating Tips

She wanted him so b-a-d
but she didn’t want to seem slutty
She always heard to wait to the third date
They had just met by happenstance
They both tried to go to a restaurant that was closed
Was it fate that it was their favorite restaurant
They seemed to be connecting; and there
was a mutual strong attraction
By the way they went to a restaurant across the street
She knew when the time came
And by that is meant when she found someone
she thought might be relationship material
then she would wait until she could tell he
was falling in love
But for now it didn’t really matter
She just wanted to be thrilled and held afterwards
The thought of his hands touching her made
her blush
He asked her if she was okay
A few minutes later she put her hand on his
thigh for just a moment
Yes, I’m good
He called her fresh
She laughed and invited him home

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love and relationships|

He tossed back a shot of whiskey
Thought it would make him look cool
She thought it made him look kinda dumb; but
she didn’t really care
He was really cute; and he made her laugh
A shot or two would be okay
She wondered what he would look like
without his shirt on
A sense of humor can be an aphrodisiac
Under the right lights; a dimly lit room
with clean sheets and a cozy bed spread;
She hoped he wouldn’t get too drunk
Had he noticed she still had the same drink all night
Growing up with an alcoholic parent
Makes you wary; add a couple of DUI’s
Much more cautious; and less interested
For now she would just watch
how things developed

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I have nine lives
I purr like a pussy cat
Don’t think I need you
I knead with my feet

when I land as I always will
Watch out for my claws
I’ll retract as I want to 

don’t underestimate me
I will always surprise you
I’m stealthy, I’m regal, I’m sleek

working with Batman
queen of the street
I get what I need




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A’s Sweep Yankees|

Moneyball baby


Let’s go Oakland

Cheering from the packed stands
the only time it’s been this crowded
since the bay bridge series
the banjo man attending every game
of course was here, entertaining the stadium
I saw two tried and true Oakland fans
bring their brooms with them
ready for the sweep
the AC Transit driver on the way to the stadium
excited to see our A’s shirts and caps
greeted us with
let’s hope they sweep
I wonder if he was still driving when he heard the news

Let’s go Oakland

Brandon Inge didn’t disappoint
with one dinger
Kurt Suzuki
gets his first home run of the season
endless possibilities

Let’s go Oakland

will the A’s sweep the Yankees
inning after inning
we sit at the edge of our seats

Let’s go Oakland

Seth Smith tying homer in the 9th
Coco Crisp singled home
the walk off run in the 12th inning
as Derek Norris crosses the plate
the stadium went wild
the fans started screaming
jumping, hugging, kissing
just like the New Year’s ball dropping
at Time Square

Oakland has swept the Yankees
Coco Crisp in an after game interview
said, The music after the game
the pie in the face versus the shaving cream
It’s always a better feeling to win than to lose
I guess that’s the thing that I
like the most right now
the poet likes this was the first time
in Oakland franchise history
the A’s have swept the Yankees at home
The last four game sweep of the Yankees
was in New York in 1972
the A’s have hit 52 dingers in 34 games since June 12
third most in the majors behind the Yankees (57)
and Pirates (56)

It doesn’t get better than this
Moneyball baby!

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single mom| fix it|

My mind is so tired

of thinking up what to try next

stuck in an ongoing chess game

always planning the next several moves



before I see checkmate

I try again

and still I lose


I’m the mechanic

using all the tools I can carry

to fix the next disaster

wrenches, pliers and heavy hammers

bolts, nuts and screws


I’m the gardener

smelling the fress cut grass

only to find out I’m allergic

call an ambulance

I’m going into anaphylactic shock


I’m a carnival ride

spinning but not really going anywhere

stuck next to the roller coaster

riders screaming faster, faster


I’m a treadmill trying so hard

to be one step ahead

but falling one step short

maybe you could walk a little faster


I’m a single parent raising two children

during the latest depression

wondering how I’m going to make it

as I smile and encourage my children


It’s a tedious journey for Single Mom Fix It

today I’m feelilng

worn out






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