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This is my second cancer experience. A new and completely different cancer which causes my doctors to say “interesting” and makes me a candidate for much genetic testing and research taking place in Seattle examining a panel of 40 different genes. As I learn more about cancer everyday, I am grateful to be able to share it worldwide through my books.

there are free apps available to read these books if you don’t own a Kindle.
To generate Awareness, and teach what I learn as the info becomes available to me I have written Cancer Poetry and Cancer Poetry II; I’m now working on my third book Cancer Poetry III.
If you have been diagnosed with cancer or love someone who has I share with you my most intimate details of my experience with cancer. My hope is to raise awareness by demystifying cancer. What you understand is less scary. I hope to open the lines of communication between your medical team; give you information to be able to ask questions of your medical team; communicate with family and friends.
These books are also great for the family and friends of someone going through cancer right now.
I give you open, raw detail of what it feels like to go through the experiences; the procedures; as well as what cancer research has discovered about cancer.
I hope my Cancer Poetry series will do all this and help you feel not alone. If you are interested in reading one of my cancer books and can’t afford it  I often post cancer poetry on my facebook page  :
I hope the honesty I share in my books will help to demystify cancer; encourage you to become an advocate for your own health; and open the lines of communication. It’s important to discuss your experience with your family and friends they have no idea what it’s like to go through cancer.  I’m not saying I know what it’s like for you but I do know what it’s like for me and it’s tough every day.I wish you good heallth. Much Love, Cindi
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Cancer Poetry|

Hey Everyone! Please help me sell my book. Later this week I go in for a bilateral mastectomy and adjuvant therapy. I have a long journey ahead. I’m 2 weeks behind on rent right now ($1400) and in two weeks I will owe ($2800) and I don’t want to face an eviction. Downloads are $2.99 and I receive $2.09 from each download. I really need your help. I have no other income or way of generating income. I understand there are apps available including Android and Apple store apps. I don’t like to ask for help, but I think I have to; sometimes there’s no other choice. I would really appreciate it if you could spare $2.99 and buy a copy for yourself or someone you know who has cancer; if you can’t afford it I do understand. Please also share on your walls; twitter; and your blogs the link below for my recently published book Cancer Poetry II. With your help last week I sold 5 copies.If you’ve been reading my poems lately a lot has been going on with me. Sometimes too much for me to process. I’ll know more after the sentinel node is tested to see if the cancer has spread. It’s my second cancer in four years. It has been diagnosed as a new and different cancer which is worrisome and it’s likely that I will be part of genetic research going on in Seattle as I may provide a link to the discovery of identifying a gene that is causing this cancer. I am trying to line things up for me and my family so our lives aren’t interrupted any more than necessary and while doing so more problems keep popping up. More than having a bilateral mastectomy for cancer that has returned, my biggest worry right now is trying to figure out how to make ends meet. I’ve been going through a very contentious divorce for four years it keeps getting uglier. I’m living in poverty and in an extreme financial crisis as a result of it. I may end up with an eviction since I am already behind almost 2 weeks in rent and I won’t be able to look for work for some time. I’m a single parent struggling in all possible ways right now. Raising money by selling my latest book would really help me out a lot. I could really use your support.
$2.99 a down load; I receive 70% of each download

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If I get behind on tags please keep tagging me, I always love hearing from you. Just might not be able to comment for awhile. Please keep us in your thoughts; and keep sending healing energy our way. Peace. Much love, Cindi

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I’m happy to announce my second book| in the cancer poetry series| Cancer PoetryII| is now released on Kindle|. Cancer Poetry II begins where Cancer Poetry ended. I pick up the end of summer and start of fall where I learn more about the resources available to me as a recent low income family, the treatment options available to me, meet the specialists, and make tough decisions and try to prepare myself for a bilateral mastectomy. A candid journey of a cancer survivor – open, raw, brutally honest. I share with you in detail the feelings that go through the mind of a person recently diagnosed with a new diagnosis of cancer and the second diagnosis in four years. I learn two startling facts that will change the course of treatment this time. The impact the radiation therapy treatments I received last time now affect future treatments I receive, and the possibility I may be a candidate for a gene that is being researched in Seattle, both surprising revelations. A cancer diagnosis is difficult enough for a family to adjust to even more difficult for a family to slide from a lifetime of middle class to poverty. I try to discover options to maintain balance and support for my family as I work hard to figure out how to prevent the possibility of meeting with an eviction upon my return home from a major surgery, a bilateral mastectomy, when I should only be focusing on healing instead. Eviction is a likely possibility if I can’t figure out soon how to generate enough money or access the money held up in attorneys’ trust funds while I further fight the war of the roses. A must read if you or someone you care about is now experiencing cancer. 1 2

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Cancer Poetry| Kindle| – Here’s my first poetry book; Cancer Poetry. The first book in my Cancer Poetry collection. I’m working on the second book in the series. I received an amazing review today from Brand Loyalty| mystery thriller author, F.m. Kahren.

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