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A Christmas Carol|

Outside the Curran Theater on Christmas Eve

Yesterday after just watching a spectacular performance of A Christmas Carol at a beautifully preserved ornate art deco theater in San Francisco, Sam Graumann’s gift to the world, my family and I started the very cold walk up a hill back to

our car. We were discussing how amazing the performance was and what we liked about it. I was mostly listening. I thought I saw this as a chance to use this as a teaching lesson (the kind that your oldest child says, “Oh, MOM!)

My oldest child said — “Mom, did you see that!!” My youngest child said everything with his astonished yet beautiful smile.

Up ahead of us A Woman approaching two homeless men standing on the street on this very cold (for San Francisco) day took off her sweater and handed it to one of the men saying, “Merry Christmas.” The astonished man replied, “Thank you. This is a real Christmas present.” The woman now walking away, looked back and said to him, “Merry Christmas!”

We had all just witnessed the true meaning of Christmas, love and giving in the form of a random act of kindness.

I think Charles Dickens would have liked it!

by Cindi Silva
December 25, 2011

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christmas poetry|

Consumerism or Christmas

One day each year to celebrate humanity
is not nearly enough

One day a year to visit with friends and family
is not nearly enough

Give to give; not to get
Often it is better to give than to receive

The best gifts aren’t material
Although they may bring fleeting happinessHelp others less fortunate than you
So many of our brothers and sisters are living on the streets

Kindness and acts of altruism throughout the year
Are long lasting and are the true meaning of Christmas


Cindi Silva

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Autumn| poetry|



Summer has landed in the San Francisco Bay Area
We used to call it an Indian Summer when I was a kid
now that just sounds so wrong on all levels
just when Autumn begins
Summer rears her head a little late
as if to say don’t forget about me
She does it with much wrath
bringing high temperatures around the SF Bay Area

I always thought maybe Summer is a little jealous of Autumn
I can see why Autumn flaunts amazing colors
sprinkling gold, red, orange and yellow leaves
everywhere she pleases
That and not everyone can pull off autumn’s colors
especially Summer
Maybe Summer wishes she could wear orange tooCindi Silva

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summer solstice|

Summer Solstice|

the pond

tiny ripples

in the water

your breath

on my neck

a rippling effect

the pond

sunshine mirrors

images back to her

memories of our

glistening bodies

gently warming me

our love

better than sunshine

on a hot summer’s day

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summer solstice|

summer solstice|

The Call Of Summer

(for Ryan xoxoxo)

Sumer is outside

the school right now


all school age children

to leave their classrooms

go outside

and join in and play

What are you waiting for

tempting, tantalizing, torturing

children and teachers alike

with 86 degree warm weather

Only 3 more wake ups and 4 more days to go!

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