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Razzle Love| A Poem|

He wore dreadlocks

She liked the way his hair looked

Hers was stringy in comparison; slippery soft

And fine

When he smiled his chiseled out features appeared

He was intelligent, artistic, relaxed

She was intelligent, artistic, calm

They had so much more in common than that

They both wrote poetry and loved music

Their favorite guilty pleasure

Razzles – first a candy, then a gum

Cindi Silva


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Green Tea| Poetry|

In A Nutshell

A pile of information to process

Watch the names; phone numbers

And facts on the page turn to mulch

In time everything decomposes

Next build-up of pressure

Trying to communicate in a sea of

Bureaucratic bull shit

More compost is added to the growing pile of mulch

A one hour break to get away from it all

Gentle basketball game; I’m Kobe Bryant

Yes, the Heat my team of choice today

Mostly the day was filled with bureaucratic lunacy

Trying to recycle, selvage, rebuild my future

In the quiet I find the knowing

Over a pot of Green Tea


Cindi Silva



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Dear Abby| A Poem

Dear Abby,

I’m in the third grade

My Mom says I need to wear a bra

I don’t want to grow up yet

I love to play outside

Sometimes my hair is brown;

sometimes it looks more blonde

My brother  puts an orange wedge in his mouth

laughs at me and says it’s me smiling

He tells me I run like a girl

I’ve worn glasses since I was two

I want to be a concert pianist

But I don’t have a piano

Maybe I’ll be a writer instead

I hope when I grow up I won’t be so shy

Awkward in California
Dear Awkward,

It sounds like you run like a girl

Because you are a girl;

You must have a beautiful smile;

That lights up your face;

Women pay big money to have

Their hair kissed by the sun

When you are older try wearing contacts

Maybe you can find a piano to borrow to

See if you like playing

You never know one day you may be

a writer

RIP – Dear Abby 1/17/13



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Living on a Bed of Nails – A Poem



No one wants to suffer

It’s cruel to keep turning

the bed of nails one half turn

It’s difficult to bear continuous suffering

Stop the torture

Before it’s too late


The indomitable spirit can and will break

What doesn’t kill you makes you weaker

Stretched too thin

Worn out


Cindi Silva


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You asked me what I was thinking

Was I dreaming again

You asked me why I sat there

seemingly motionless

You grinned

I dream of rebuilding what I’ve lost

My health, my home, good cheer

I saw the opened drawer today

filled with bras; I felt a tear

I dream of a day when cancer

will be cured

I dream of a day when I will have again

a car, a house, a job; and

hope to live a much longer life

while watching my children living theirs

I dream one day it will be safe again

to send a child to school

I dream of a better future

Right now I dream of a better year

Cindi Silva


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Living in Glass Houses|

When will you get it

You in your fancy glass houses

2 cars parked in the garage

You with your high paying jobs

Medical insurance benefits and 401ks

Plenty of food on the table

No need to ration this week’s food

fasting by choice

while others spend  their days hungry

Plenty of cash in the bank

while others lay awake at night

wondering where they’ll get the money

to pay this month’s rent

Your children have new clothes

and brand named shoes that fit

While others send their children to school

mending tears in their clothes again

duct taping the holes in their worn out shoes

A lifetime of hard work can be lost in a minute

Then what would you do

Cindi Silva


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Green Tea| Poetry|

The wave of worry has now washed over me
It didn’t help resolve the dark cloud 
hanging over me
Over a pot of Green Tea
I meditated and liberated all the fish
in the sea;
I invited the sun to come home to me

Cindi Silva 




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