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Sometmes things just don’t feel right

As if the universe is giving you pieces of a puzzle

One at a time; often scattered

Over here, over there, over time

Some pieces you may stop to pick up

and carefully tuck in an imaginary box

in the attic of your mind

Some pieces you may ignore altogether

yet the image is imprinted in your mind’s eye

You may or may not collect all the pieces to life’s puzzle

It may or may not matter if the pieces all fit

What does matter is that when you feel a chill; or

recognize a feeling of deja vu;  for what it is

your intuition talking to you

Be polite and listen

Cindi Silva



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Author: Cindi Silva Poetry

I'm an artist, poet, writer, activist and more. I like writing about the ordinary and transforming it to extraordinary, which I think it already is but you may have been to busy to notice. Sometimes I write about politics, love, relationships, and every day strife. If you like my blog, I invite you to follow me. Thanks for stopping by. Peace and great joy to you always! Cindi

2 thoughts on “intuition|

  1. Intuition is something to pay attention to. The mind and body will give us warnings.

  2. Nice work, Cindi. I’ve had those feelings before. Did I always listen to them? No. There is always the struggle between heart and mind, intuition and advice from others. It takes a while before we truly learn to listen to those messages.

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