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A gut wrenching poem by a very talented poet friend of mine, Fred West …

He Would Have Been Five.
He would have been five today, but did not even make it for four
He was such a bubbly kid playing in the garden like any other kid
When this drunk moron behind the wheel came through the hedge and smacked him dead
And forever ruined our lives .
The kid got out the car:” My dad will kill me!”
I ran down the path and grabbed him by the throat and said “I would do it for him”,
He hit me and said again he had damaged his dad car, and everything was bad
‘You killed our son!’, all he said was that we could make some more…
I smacked him up against the door; he said he would sue me for breaking his nose
‘If I see you again it would be the last breathe on earth you would take’
‘Come on’, he said, ‘give me a break I passed my test yesterday, I didn’t know what to do’
Our lives were totally shattered that day, a lawyer said it was his first offence, banned for a year and not even a tear and now he is on the road again, telling his mates he killed a kid, that to his mates makes him big!!
Here we are at the front door wondering if we will ever live any more,
If we will ever recover from that fateful day
When our little boy was taken away.
We still have a daughter…
She only plays in the back garden, never let out near the road
Why do we not trust justice when someone comes through the fence and destroys what you had?
And all they can say is it wasn’t his day.
Well it has been two years now
Not a day has gone by without us crying at the thought of our son…
Going out for a run
And someone coming through the fence in a dense car
Took his life from us, then…
We still sit and stare at the garden out there
The days used to be filled with laughter and joy
Now despair fills them as we look out there and see nothing but dark fear that someone is near, to take another life from us
He would have been five, and she is just three, she is alive, but me and my wife well …
We died.
©Fred West 2012




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