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Cory Booker| twitter| food stamp challenge|

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The Mayor of Newark, New Jersey

Cory Booker

has made his challenge

with an unidentified follower on twitter

to live on food stamps for one week

the $29.78 that recipients of food stamps

spend on food for one week

That’s a nobel endeavor but …


The mayor has vowed to live on

beans, corn and apples for the next week

Great photo opp

I don’t know about you

but I would like to see him extend the challenge

to all politicians, including the president and his cabinet

both houses; all local politicians; the voters who lack

empathy for social services and anyone else who thinks

anyone on a low fixed income can survive

and eat healthy on such a scant food budget

for a year or whatever it takes to raise the allotment

to our brothers and sisters struggling to feed themselves

and their famiiies on a few dollars a day


Yes there is definitely an obesity problem in our nation,  Mrs. Obama

but there is also more than meets the eye to the problem

you can’t afford a nutritious diet of whole foods

for you and your family when there isn’t much of a choice

on how you can s-t-r-e-t-c-h a food budget

and keep your family full

Beans, corn and apples every day for more than a week

would be a difficult diet to stick to especially if you have

diet restrictions


While you’re at it Mayor Booker I think the whole food stamp system

should be revisited and not just in New Jersey but

what it takes to qualify and who can qualify

Some of us make too much money to qualify for the program

although are very low income and can barely survive

because our rent  is about 3/4 of our monthly income

I’m now talking about our brothers and sisters renting in California

and we don’t have the necessary credits to reduce our income and qualify us

for the food stamp program

and by that I mean monthly utility bills; water; garbage; and landlines

How many people do you know on a very fixed income that still can

afford landlines


Thanks Mayor Booker for raising awareness

now let’s keep going and see substantive change



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One thought on “Cory Booker| twitter| food stamp challenge|

  1. A hard world. A beef roast can cost 20 dollars. Need good paying jobs so people can survive without the government. Jobs is the answer. They must be create for a country to be successful. A powerful blog.

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