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Cancer Poetry| II|

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Who needs ‘em anyway; do you?

Did you know that reconstruction

Is now a federal law

And by that I mean insurance companies

Are required by law to cover reconstruction

After a woman has had a mastectomy

Did you know that even if you are having

A reconstruction after a bilateral mastectomy

Most insurance companies will send you home

After two nights

Even if you’ve had a previous cancer

With radiation that increases risk

More scarring;

Difficulty healing;

Poor blood supply;

possibility of collapsed lung

no worries, I’m told you’ll know because

you’ll have a fever associated with pneumonia

that goes along with it

or other infection

Even when they know you are going to be home alone during the day

And there isn’t another adult to help you out

You will be heavily medicated and have difficulty moving

After having a major surgery; even more major with the reconstruction

Who needs ‘em anyway; do you?

While we’re on the subject of insurance companies

Did you know that an insurance company

Can on a whim decide to stop covering pharmaceuticals

That are proven to work for you; and are a medical necessity

In your health and wellbeing; because they don’t get a good deal on them

Requiring you to pay through the nose for the prescription

If you have money to do so;

Go without if you don’t have money;

Or I suppose there’s a third option if you have some money

Either decide whether you should eat or take your medicine

This is happening a lot and always has

(Dear Reader, these two examples are just small examples of why I say

Occupy Insurance, Now!)

Who needs ‘em anyway; do you?

Unilateral mastectomy is a major surgery;

Then does that make a bilateral mastectomy – what rank is above a major?

Gotta google that one; but for now; I match your major and raise you a major –

And on top of that reconstruction; I can see I need some more googling here;

Anytime you add an implant you are increasing risk of an infection

And complications

Especially if you’ve already had a previous cancer and radiation

Not enough blood supply; difficulty healing right; to name a few

Being over 42 makes healing more difficult

And many mastectomies are done over age 42

Poetry isn’t always pretty; sometimes it’s pretty grim

You okay, Dear Reader?

Decisions are placed before you; an overwhelming amount;

One step at a time; baby steps; right!

Boobies; titties; tatas; breasts

Brings us back to the original question;

Who Needs ‘em Anyway; do you?

Cindi Silva

October 2, 2012

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