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Demographics| AC Transit|

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demographics Demographics|

It’s been almost 3 weeks

now without a car

my car has been replaced by public transportation

mainly the bus and my feet

Getting to know which bus drivers are happy  in life

and which bus drivers are scarred by life’s experiences

wanting to take it out on the world

as they push the limits of what they can do without losing their jobs

comes quickly

Getting to know the

habits and familiar faces on the bus

comes quickly

there’s pizza man

who always carries a small cardboard box of Round Table pizza

as well as 2 bags of groceries

he fumbles with his packages as he gets ready to off board

there’s the woman who worked at the second day care my son went to

when he was a baby; but she no longer recognizes us

there’s a woman with two children; who stop by the grocery store

and later board the bus loaded down

with Whole Foods and Trader Joe bags filled with groceries

I know what you’re thinking – if they can afford Whole Foods

why are they taking the bus?

I can answer that; they used to have a car until 3 weeks ago;

and they once had an income that made Whole Foods look like

a viable option not a luxury; I miss those days

Demographics do not seem to match up with what I found online

African American 36%

Female 55%, Male 45%

Latino/Hispanic 19% – lower than what I’ve experienced

Female 55%, Male 45% same for all races

White 19% – only true if you count me and my two kids

as well as a straggler or two, usually a white male older than me as 19%

Asian/Pacific Islander 18% – not sure I agree with that one either

Multi-racial 5% – can’t comment on that one without asking

hey, are you multi-racial? – of course I would never ask that

Native American 1% – I think that someone probably just added this one in

Hey, Joe! Don’t you think we should represent the Native Americans

You’re right lets make it 1%; whaddya say?

Household income stats of course made sense

Under $15,000 – 34.8%

$15,000-$24,999 – 16.9%

$25,000-$49,000 – 19.4% (doesn’t say how many people in this family are supported

by this meager amount of money)

Meager for the high cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area

(survey was taken by AC Transit, East Bay bus service in 2010;

pretty sure the income level as decreased since then; I know mine has)

$50,000-$74,999 – 11.7%

as the income level raises; stops at $200,000; the rider usage greatly diminishes

I would agree that the majority of bus riders in my neighborhood are African Americans

and women with their children; if you included the children the number would go up

from 55% for women

The nicest people I have met on the bus have been older black mom’s with their children

teaching me the tricks of the trade buswise

probably because they can tell I’m new to riding the bus based on my inexperience

(don’t ask) – but until 3 weeks ago I probably only took the bus about 5 or 6 times

counting my entire life

To sum up public transportation versus driving your own car

both are similar trafficwise; with this exception

when you’re stuck in traffic driving a car you are inside the car waiting to get to your destination

when you’re stuck in traffic waiting for a bus you are inside a crowd of people waiting to get onto the bus

the wheels on the bus go round and round all through the town . . .

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