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While awake dreams

etch into your brain

the subversion

of natural order

something to strive for

cast aside or regain

while asleep

most are easily forgotten

others chilling

heart beating faster

iv drips filled with coffee

after – yet too much awake

causes another kind of pain

6 of one, half a dozen of the other

Do you think an omen

or do you agree random

like a waking thought

pop up and untrue

poetically speaking

spew out like hot molten lava

as dangerous as fracking

shattering more than all illusions

causing rumbling and boring

in an already unquiet mind

the urgent rush of hot vomit

exploding into a toilet bowl

after a night of over indulgence

or pure unadulterated fear

longing to dream

or craving insomnia

your choice

you decide

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Author: Cindi Silva Poetry

I'm an artist, poet, writer, activist and more. I like writing about the ordinary and transforming it to extraordinary, which I think it already is but you may have been to busy to notice. Sometimes I write about politics, love, relationships, and every day strife. If you like my blog, I invite you to follow me. Thanks for stopping by. Peace and great joy to you always! Cindi

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