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There Was A Not Yet Old Woman Who Lived In A Nightmare

There was a not yet old woman

who lived in a nightmare

she had so many growing problems

she didn’t know what to do

maybe this could be called

Full Catastrophe Living

In Modern Times

she had two children to raise

and a divorce settlement

too contentious to contend with

on her own

which had  been going on for

nearly four long years

there was debt incurred during that

marriage and after separation

that she could no longer manage

there was a car she was forced to buy

after the separation because

she needed a car to make it

easier to get things done

and after paying the current payment

but not the previous 2 payments

her car was repossessed

and all that was in it

to her surprise one morning

when she went looking for it

in front of her tiny apartment

(that felt like it was the size of a shoe

and the inspiration for this poem)

on her way to dropping her son off

to baseball camp

and her daughter running late

for a doctor’s appointment

which she was forced to reschedule

this caused her amagdalia center

to overload and a terrific headache

soon ensued

as she started walking back home

after the 30 minute walk to her son’s day camp

she wanted to rest and shower

and be fresh

before looking for work that afternoon

so she could reclaim her car

and reclaim her life

and not ever again see the look of horror

despair, and ensuing tears

on her children’s faces

as they came to grips

with the secret she could no longer

keep from them

that their whole world had been rocked even more

there was a not yet old woman

who was used of living

a life of ease

with a beautiful home

and a good job

and a nice car

and a marriage that sadly had to be ended

which spiraled her to poverty

into a world where she didn’t know how

to play by the rules or what the rules even were

or worse yet how to pay the bills

and come out ahead

she had difficulty processing

so much change in such a little

amount of time

and  there was a suspicious mass

on her breast that she knew she needed to take care of

and she knew quickly figuring out all the

accumulating problems

was of paramount importance

and she felt she was running out of time

and her amagdalia center wasn’t very happy

right about now

there was a not yet old woman

who didn’t know how to tap

into the money from the proceeds

of the sale of her  house which

were being held hostage-like

in trust by each side’s attorney

since she couldn’t stay in the marriage

because he was too controlling

and she was too afraid to stay

and she now was wondering

if the new trade-offs for independence

and safety were worth

the sacrifices she had already made

she couldn’t decide which was worse

staying in a dangerous marriage

or going through a catastrophic divorce

during a depression

there was an old woman

who lived in a nightmare

she had so many problems

she didn’t know what to do

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